Healthcare is in Crisis Mode: Interim Healthcare Leaders Needed More Than Ever

November 3, 2021

Deborah Kumar

helping hand giving to drowning man in sea

Healthcare leadership has always been challenging, and with the added strain created by the COVID pandemic, it is in crisis mode.  Interim nurse leaders have frequently been called upon to navigate change and address critical situations.  What skills are required, and why is an interim healthcare leader the best person to navigate the situation?


Many of the skills honed by interim nurse leaders, as they first step into an organization, are the exact skills needed to address the issues healthcare now faces. This series will introduce and elaborate on the key steps that allow interim nurse leaders to navigate change successfully and rapidly.


Interim healthcare nurse leaders knowingly step into a crisis situation for a limited period of time and do so with high expectations from the hospital leadership. They need to learn the organization quickly, gain trust from the leadership team, their new department/unit team, and the support teams.  Above all, they must do this within the first month.


The next blog in this series will introduce a model of change management that will enable you to engage your team, build trust and even inspire them to be leaders in the improvements and changes you are asked to implement.


There is nothing as rewarding as seeing the smiles light up the faces of a re-engaged team.


December Blog: Using principles of Appreciative Inquiry to win the trust and build relationships.

January Blog: Develop the big picture: What is working?

February Blog: Presentation to the executive/leadership team

March Blog: Presentation to the department team.

April Blog: Using I2E2:  involving the team and creating a vision

May Blog: Creating change that continues after the assignment ends.