PHM provides Interim Healthcare Management Leadership. That’s what we do. As a matter of fact, it’s all we do. It is our specialty and our laser focus that allows us to provide our Clients with the best talent in the industry. PHM is acutely aware of the fact that our future success is dependent upon the current success of our Interim Leaders.

We recognize that when Clients contact us their need is critical and time sensitive. You’re only going to utilize an Interim Leader when you have to. PHM has a high success rate of filling these positions, but in reality we don’t fill every request. The reason for this is simply because we can’t always find the ideal Interim Leader to meet your specific requirements. PHM will never compromise quality for a placement. Plenty of companies out there are willing to make this compromise, but that kind of short term mentality serves nobody well in the long run.

PHM’s philosophy is, “Whatever is in our Client’s best interest, is in our best interest.” This type of thinking requires a long-term perspective coupled with exceptional Interim Leadership. It also requires we have a strong understanding of your unique environment in order to gain a clear understanding of your organization – including Senior Management, HR, and Service Line Directors and Managers.

For immediate assistance call us at (480) 525-6210 or email us at info@parisihealthcare.com.