OK, I’m in! Now what?

OK, I’m in! Now What? Each contract challenges interim healthcare leaders as they move into a new organization and must rapidly build relationships and win the trust of the leadership team and their new team.  As an experienced nurse leader, it is assumed that you know the expectations and are fully capable of self-directing.    Do […]

Healthcare is in Crisis Mode: Interim Healthcare Leaders Needed More Than Ever

helping hand giving to drowning man in sea

Healthcare leadership has always been challenging, and with the added strain created by the COVID pandemic, it is in crisis mode.  Interim nurse leaders have frequently been called upon to navigate change and address critical situations.  What skills are required, and why is an interim healthcare leader the best person to navigate the situation?   […]

Should Interim Healthcare Workers Be Required To Be COVID-19 Vaccinated?


Should Interim Healthcare Workers Be Required to be COVID19 Vaccinated? If the word we all have in the back of our mind is “Covid-19,” then it should not come as a surprise that the most significant debate of our time is “to be or not to be, vaccinated, that is.” Now, to make things more […]