1. Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage: Embracing Your Role as an Interim Healthcare Leader   As you embark on your journey as a Parisi interim healthcare leader, the initial moments are pivotal for laying the groundwork for success. While experience and expertise may precede you, the path to effective leadership begins with proactive engagement and a deep understanding […]

2. Transition Observation

Transitioning from Observation to Action: Developing the Big Picture   As you approach the end of your first month as a Parisi interim healthcare leader, it’s time to consolidate your observations, insights, and interactions into actionable steps towards organizational improvement. Here’s how you can leverage the data and themes gathered to appreciate, recognize, and celebrate […]

3. Leverage Insights

Leveraging Insights: Presenting to the Leadership Team as an Interim Consultant   Data Collection Recap   After an intense first month, you’ve meticulously gathered insights, conducted interviews, and reviewed data to understand your team’s dynamics. Now, as you prepare to present your findings to the leadership team, the focus shifts to organizing and articulating your […]

4. Engaging the Team

Engaging the Team: Interim Leader’s Presentation to the Department Team   Setting the Stage   With thirty days under your belt , the time has come to rally your team and kickstart the journey towards achieving shared goals. Following your presentation to the leadership team and receiving clear directives, you’re now poised to engage and […]

5. Elevating Performance

5. Elevating Team Performance through Effective Coaching   Investing time and expertise into coaching yields significant dividends, boosting team productivity, customer service, and innovation. Coaching provides employees, both high and low performers, with valuable guidance and sets a precedent for future growth. By honing their skills and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, you cultivate […]

6. Reports Meetings

Optimizing Healthcare Interim Leadership: Reporting and Meeting Guidelines   Our Director of Healthcare Consultation, Deb is highly effective in coaching and partnering with hospital leadership and interim leaders to achieve organizational outcomes.   Meetings Deb will facilitate meetings with organizational leadership and the interim leader. These meetings are planned to take place at least once […]