What We Offer Clients

PHM has nearly a decade of experience working within the specific field of Interim Healthcare Management. We have earned the trust of our Clients and Interim Leaders and continue to foster long-term, quality relationships.

In this business, we are acutely aware that there are no shortcuts to successfully filling critical, short term management needs. In order to successfully accomplish this, PHM goes way beyond just knowing the Client job description and Interim Leader resume. We recognize this requires a detailed understanding of your unique needs and situation. Once we understand this, we then work to identify the ideal, specific Interim Leader to fill your need. The evidence of our success is best provided when you look at the great relationships we have built over the years with both Clients and Interim Leaders.

Our Interim Leaders are highly experienced, skilled individuals with the rare ability to step into what is often a challenging environment, quickly assess the situation, build relationships, and provide the depth of leadership that our clients require.

PHM W2 employs our Interim Leaders as well as provides and manages all the logistics required for the Interim Leader. This includes providing all required insurances, housing, flights, transportation, HR onboarding requirements, and more. With PHM, our Clients need not concern themselves with these critical details, but rather know our Interim Leader is fully focused on the job from Day-1.

And once our Interim Leader is onboard at your facility, our active involvement continues. PHM and our support team have regular meetings with both our Interim Leaders and Clients in order to ensure your goals and objectives are being met. We are extremely aware that our future success is dependent upon the current success of our Interim Leaders.