4. Engaging the Team

April 15, 2024

Deborah Kumar

  1. Engaging the Team: Interim Leader’s Presentation to the Department Team


Setting the Stage


With thirty days under your belt , the time has come to rally your team and kickstart the journey towards achieving shared goals. Following your presentation to the leadership team and receiving clear directives, you’re now poised to engage and motivate your department team to embark on the path of improvement together.  The following exercise is one example of a process that is proven successful.  Feel free to be  creative  in coming up with your own way to engage the team.


  1. Preparation


Drawing from personal experience, meticulous preparation sets the tone for success. Schedule mandatory staff meetings, offering multiple time slots to accommodate all team members’ schedules. Ensure ample time for meaningful engagement by allotting two hours for each meeting and providing refreshments for a conducive environment.


Select a suitable meeting room conducive to collaboration and participation in activities. Prepare a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation showcasing the insights and data gathered during the initial phase of your tenure, organized around thematic themes identified through interviews and analysis.


  1. The Meeting


As the meeting unfolds, present the PowerPoint, highlighting key themes and posting corresponding sheets on the walls for visual reference. Witness the profound impact as team members absorb the recognition of their concerns and issues, fostering a sense of validation and acknowledgment.


Facilitate a prioritization exercise, empowering team members to identify their top three priorities within each theme using colored stickers. Encourage open dialogue and discussion as teams collaborate to finalize priorities collectively.


  1. Moving Forward


With priorities established, foster dialogue around potential solutions and identify individuals willing to take the lead in addressing each priority. Emphasize that this marks only the beginning of the journey, with much work ahead to foster team growth and achieve overarching goals.




The department team presentation represents a pivotal moment in your interim leadership journey, marking the transition from observation to action. By engaging and empowering your team, you lay the groundwork for collaborative problem-solving and collective achievement. Stay tuned for the next installment in this series, where we’ll explore strategies for empowering and leading the team towards tangible progress and success.