So... Is Interim Leadership Right For You?

Discover the benefits of a career in interim healthcare management leadership

Why Choose Interim Healthcare Positions?

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. Are you ready for more variety in geography, work settings, and professional challenges in your career? Experienced healthcare leaders who thrive in a fast-paced environment and excel at completing complex agendas are ideal interim leaders.

Interim leadership is exciting and challenging. It is different from working as a permanent employee.

Interim leaders may step in as a consultant to help a system navigate change and often step in to ensure consistency through a leadership transition. You will work for a set contract term, taking your talents where they are needed most.

Far from it. Though you will be filling critical need for a temporary time frame, your job is crucial. As an interim, we are usually brought in to assist during troubled times. A manager left or had to leave. Processes aren’t working, workflows are inconsistent. The team is in great need of leadership and coaching. You may be asked to improve processes and workflows. You may need to re-engage the team to get things moving forward again.

Are you able to step in and complete an assessment and come up with a plan?

First, to be successful, you must have several years of leadership experience. Are you able to manage change and handle complex agendas? It helps to have a sense of adventure and thrive in new work environments.

A few things to consider:

  • Do you love change? Are you skilled at managing and driving change? As an interim leader we are usually asked to be change agents.
  • Are you passionate about nursing and nurses? The greatest joy is in re-empowering the team you are hired to lead as an interim.
  • One challenge is the need to quickly step into an unknown organization and hit the ground running. You must learn the system, meet the people and develop a plan. All this while working to meet the goals which you are directed as an interim to achieve.


  • W2 Employment
    • ADP Direct Deposit Bi-Weekly Payroll Cycle
    • Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance
  • Life Insurance Available (PHM Pays 50% of Premium)
  • 401(k)
  • Executive Corporate Housing, Fully Furnished
  • Full Size Car Rental
  • Travel at the Beginning and End of Assignment
  • 1 Paid Travel Day for Every 9 Days Worked
  • Roundtrip Flight Home Every 2 to 4 Weeks
  • Use Personal Frequent Flyer Numbers For All Travel
  • Parking of Rental Car at Airport When Travelling Home
  • Paid Time Off for Hospital Recognized Holidays
  • Accrued Paid Sick Time Based On State Requirement
  • PHM Paid State Licensure and Certification Renewal Fee’s

PHM flies you to your assignment and provides you a round trip flight home every two to four weeks – depending upon the assignment. And if you choose not to fly home, you are welcome to have someone else use the flight to come to you. We also provide you a full size rental car and airport parking when you travel home. Regarding housing, typically we provide fully furnished, 1-bedroom, executive corporate housing.

Interim leaders can truly make a difference in a very short amount of time. Often you are the catalyst that can re-motivate, inspire, teach, mentor a department that has lost its way. Interim work can be extremely rewarding, not to mention the life-long friendships you will make along the way.

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