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Interim Healthcare Management Leadership When You Need It Most

Parisi Healthcare Management provides exceptional interim leadership and expertise to our clients, allowing you to immediately close leadership gaps, provide departmental assessment, propose implementation plan, and execute. An interim leader can provide the experience and knowledge you need to navigate your organization through change and to get you successfully through surveys. Let’s face it, we all know interim leaders are a significant investment, and our goal is to provide the highest possible ROI.

Our CEO’s first interim healthcare client relationship began in 2008. That client is still a client today. The only way lasting business relationships are created is when mutual trust is built, particularly over time. In a world of distrust, PHM builds long-term client relationships, which allow us to understand your culture, needs, and the current situation that requires our assistance. This understanding enables us to provide you with the most qualified interim leader for the role.

In 2010, our CEO created the first full-service, all-inclusive, interim healthcare leadership model.

The concept is simple:

  • Provide our clients a flat-rate, fixed-cost bill rate for the ideal interim leader while we manage and provide everything else required for the interim leader to hit the ground running from Day-1 of the assignment.

This includes hiring interim leaders as W2 employees of our firm in order to reduce the risk of IRS employee misclassification to your organization. Additionally, PHM pays for all costs related to the interim being onsite, including all onboarding requirements, housing, flights, ground transportation, and all other related expenses. Our goal is to take the work off of your plate and put it on ours, so you don’t have to utilize your highly valuable and limited internal resources.

The goal is simple:

  • Make it as easy as possible for our clients to utilize our excellent interim leaders while providing them with the highest possible ROI.

Over the past ten years, Employee Misclassification has become a legal labor hotbed issue among State and Federal agencies such as the EEOC, FSLA, and the IRS. Litigation for contingent workforce management misclassification has developed into an entire industry within the legal world.

In the old days, a hospital often hired a person for a temporary exempt management position and brought them onboard as a 1099 contractor – often with little consideration given to the legality of employment classification. Quite often, employers viewed utilizing a 1099 Contractor as a cost-saving measure.

Today, this is a mistake many organizations have made and are now finding themselves dealing with government litigation. Organizations who misclassify a person as a 1099 Contractor often find themselves spending a significant amount of money in litigation, paying fines, back employment taxes, and higher Workers Comp insurance rates.

The following article from SHRM titled “Employing Independent Contractors” provides a balanced analysis in helping detail the risks involved in utilizing 1099 Contractors and Employee Misclassification:


PHM greatly reduces exposure to the issue of employee misclassification because we only W2 employ our interim leaders. This classification is recognized as a “Leased Employee” relationship which satisfies the government hiring regulations of the Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA), and IRS.

The content above is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice. Any questions pertaining to labor law should be directed to legal counsel.

PHM manages and completes the entire onboarding process according to your specific HR requirements. We take the onboarding work off HR’s plate and put it onto ours.

Our Director of Operations works closely with your HR/Employee Health departments to onboard our interim leaders to your specific requirements. We regularly hear from our clients that our onboarding process provides them with a level of documentation and detail that they have never had before.

Careful attention is given to analyzing immunization/vaccination records, licensure and certification expirations, self-competencies, managerial sexual harassment course completion, reference checks, 10-panel drug testing, and an exhaustive background check covering Criminal, Employment,  Licensure,  Education, as well as Driving Records. 

Our goal is to provide all required onboarding documentation to HR five business days before the interim leader start date.

Finally, when the JC or other governing agency comes knocking at your door and requests one of our interim leader files, our clients always have the required documentation needed to easily breeze through the inquiry. And, if an interim file is ever misplaced, we will provide a complete duplicate copy of all documentation, usually within minutes of your request.

Permanent Healthcare Leadership Placement

Finding an interim healthcare leader is only half the battle during a time of transition. If you are searching for well-aligned leaders to take a permanent role with your facility or healthcare system, PHM can assist you with a retained search. We provide a full slate of recruitment services from sourcing to vetting and verifying candidates for alignment.

We only present candidates who will be poised to help you achieve your objectives, saving you significant time and resources, allowing you to stay focused on what truly matters.

Additionally, if you are working with a PHM interim leader and decide you want to make the placement permanent, we make the transition seamless for you.

Don’t wait for the right leader to find you. Let PHM find your ideal leader today.

Why Choose Parisi Healthcare?


Our recruiters are healthcare professionals and leaders themselves. They’ve been where you are and speak your language.


Interim healthcare leadership is our area of focus and expertise. We treat every search with exceptional attention to detail, with an eye for efficiency.


We communicate openly throughout every step of the search process. We help our clients manage expectations, and we promise only what we can deliver.


Our motto is, “If it’s in your best interest, it’s in our best interest.” This is our commitment and our guiding principle.

Caliber of Talent

We only work with highly skilled and experienced interim leaders. Every candidate we recommend is fully vetted and verified.

Accuracy of Fit

An interim leader should be aligned with your mission, vision and goals, just as a permanent leader should be. Our searches are focused on finding that alignment.

Service Excellence

We provide personal attention, and we assist with credentialing, travel and housing for our interims so you can stay focused on patient care.


Your Parisi Healthcare team will conduct ongoing quality checks to ensure that our interim is performing to expectations and the placement is a win-win.

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