3. Leverage Insights

April 15, 2024

Deborah Kumar

  1. Leveraging Insights: Presenting to the Leadership Team as an Interim Consultant


Data Collection Recap


After an intense first month, you’ve meticulously gathered insights, conducted interviews, and reviewed data to understand your team’s dynamics. Now, as you prepare to present your findings to the leadership team, the focus shifts to organizing and articulating your observations effectively.


Organizing the Data


To maximize impact, formalize your findings through a PowerPoint presentation and handouts. Begin by narrating the journey you’ve undertaken, detailing the steps taken and insights gained. This sets the stage for presenting your findings comprehensively.


Creating the Presentation – Step One: Address Initial Goals


Start by revisiting the initial goals and objectives outlined in your contract. Highlight observations aligned with these goals, emphasizing congruence between leadership priorities and issues identified during team interviews. This alignment underscores the relevance and urgency of addressing shared concerns.


Creating the Presentation – Step Two: Presenting Data and Interviews


Segment the presentation into two sections: data and team interviews. Utilize data to illustrate financial performance, staffing metrics, turnover rates, and indicators of team engagement. Incorporate insights from interviews, focusing on key themes and showcasing top successes and challenges identified through thematic analysis.


Creating the Presentation – Step Three: Prioritize Issues


As new issues emerge, prioritize them based on their alignment with initial goals. Highlight interconnectedness between identified challenges and overarching objectives, ensuring clarity on the implications for achieving desired outcomes. Present unrelated issues as potential future goals once primary objectives are addressed.


Creating the Presentation – Conclusion: Demonstrating Value


Seize this opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and value as an interim leader and consultant. Share insights, offer strategic recommendations, and reassure the leadership team of your commitment to aligning efforts with their vision. Emphasize your role in identifying hidden needs and addressing unforeseen challenges, enhancing organizational effectiveness.


Next Steps


Following the leadership meeting, await decisions on priority goals before cascading findings to your team. Stay tuned for the next installment where we’ll explore strategies for presenting findings to team members and initiating actionable steps towards organizational improvement.


This pivotal moment offers a chance to showcase the transformative potential of interim leadership, driving alignment, and fostering collaboration towards shared goals.