6. Reports Meetings

April 15, 2024

Deborah Kumar

  1. Optimizing Healthcare Interim Leadership: Reporting and Meeting Guidelines


Our Director of Healthcare Consultation, Deb is highly effective in coaching and partnering with hospital leadership and interim leaders to achieve organizational outcomes.



Deb will facilitate meetings with organizational leadership and the interim leader. These meetings are planned to take place at least once a month, with the potential for more frequent interactions based on leadership discretion.



In line with ensuring alignment with organizational goals, interim leaders are requested to furnish specific reports throughout their contractual tenure.


During the inaugural month, each interim leader is tasked with conducting a thorough SWOT analysis, presenting findings to both Parisi and the organizational leadership.  This insightful analysis offers novel perspectives and may necessitate adjustments to our objectives.


After the presentation of the SWOT analysis, the submission of a monthly progress report is anticipated. This report is expected to delineate achievements and assess any encountered obstacles.


These monthly reports will function as a guiding framework for leadership meetings, ensuring comprehensive awareness of progress and challenges.


Should you require examples of reports for reference, please don’t hesitate to request them.