Growing A Service Line

January 24, 2016

HMG Admin

The Client Challenge: As their Orthopedic Service Line expanded and their Ortho unit manager resigned, I was to not only find a replacement, but to find someone who could also work with the hospital to find ways to meet the increased volumes.

How did we help?

  1. An interim leader was placed to work with the team. Unit processes and staff were assessed, and plans were enacted to improve workflow and team engagement. All open positions were filled, and staff turnover was nearly eliminated. Patient satisfaction was improved, and the unit led the hospital scores.
  2. The same interim leader then identified a need for additional beds and worked with hospital leadership to identify, prepare and open a new unit to allow for service expansion.


With the assistance of our interim, the Orthopedic Service Line was able to grow. The unit staff engagement improved, turnover was reduced, and patient satisfaction became top in the organization.