Reviving A Struggling Department

February 10, 2020

HMG Admin

The Client Challenge: When their Childbirth Center (CBC) Director retired, I was to not only find a replacement for her, but to find someone who could turn around the center which was lagging in quality, employee engagement, and patient satisfaction behind the rest of the organization. An additional challenge soon became evident: the retirement of a second CBC department leader.

How did we help?

  1. An interim director joined the organization and began a full assessment. This gave the organization time to conduct their search for a permanent candidate. The organization was able to identify an internal candidate and had the time to coach and set her up for success.
  2. An interim manager then was placed in the L&D department. This leader worked with first the interim director and then with the permanent director. Together they were able to completely transform the CBC.


With the assistance of our interims, the CBC was able to improve Quality, Employee Engagement and Patient Satisfaction. The department went from the bottom to the top, employee engagement dramatically improved, and all other indicators followed.